Thursday, December 3, 2015

Banned from MTV!

Twenty five years ago, MTV still showed videos and Madonna still "shocked" audiences with her steamy act. The two worlds collided in December of 1990 when MTV banned Madonna's Justify My Love video for being too sexy. "Forced" to sell her banned video for $19.95 on videocassette, Madonna went on the only show that dared show what MTV banned- Ted Koppel's Nightline.

For thirty minutes, Ted Koppel carefully studied the video, chatting with an outraged Madonna and expressing the idea shared by many of his viewers that this scandalous slattern had finally gone too far.

Eventually, Madonna's video was allowed on MTV, just in time for the network to stop showing anything having to do with music and Madonna's increasingly "edgy" attempts at gaining attention for her projects were no longer seen as controversial.