Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rose Marie, 1923 - 2017

The lovely and talented Rose Marie has passed away at age 94. Ms. Marie was best known for her role as writer Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show. A role model for strong women in the workplace long before it became common, Rose Marie was a trailblazer who inspired generations of women to enter the workforce and pursue their dream careers. In real life, Ms. Marie was just as feisty and funny as her television alter ego. Like Sally, she shattered any barrier- glass or otherwise- that stood in her way. Sadly, they don’t make ‘em like Rose Marie anymore and we’ve lost another legend.

“It's wonderful to know that I made so many of you laugh, but what tops it all and is so rewarding is knowing I was part of so many of you believing that if I could do it, or if Sally could do it, you could do it too! Believe in your talent and do good work, it can take you far.”

Actors We Lost in 2017: Jim Nabors

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

“Aaron's heart was filled with joy and love. And he knew at last that the hate he had carried there was wrong. As ALL hatred will ever be wrong. For more powerful, more beautiful by far than all the eons of sadness and cruelty and desolation which had come before, was that one tiny, crystalline second of laughter. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

SNL Week- Saturday: It All Comes Together

On Saturday it all comes together. Runthroughs occur, Weekend Update is still being written, sets are finalized. At 7PM, the first audience is seated and the filmed dress rehearsal takes place. At this point, Lorne Michaels will make a final determination about the sketches that will be used on the live show and in which order they will occur. Typically the dress rehearsal runs long, though occasionally the sketches cut from the show will result in a show that will run short. In these instances, Lorne will plug in filmed sequences that are often repeats. This dress rehearsal is filmed just in case something goes wrong during the live show. In these instances, the dress rehearsal version of the sketch will be used in reruns.

At 11:30PM, the show is live, now coast to coast. From this point on, it is mostly smooth sailing, though there is the added stress of knowing that they’re now live in front of millions. Soon enough, it’s time to say goodnight. The cast, crew and guests will then shuffle off to a spirited after party located in the city that never sleeps. Then it is off to bed- possibly to rest up for Monday- when it probably starts up again.