Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ramona on TV!

Beverly Cleary is truly a legend. As she celebrates her 100th year this month, it is especially wonderful to celebrate her and all of her creations. In 1988, PBS and CBC partnered to bring Ramona to life. For the first time ever, viewers got to see the spunky Ramona on television.

Played by Sarah Polley, Ramona had adventures adapted from various books in the series. Ramona the show ran for ten episodes, introducing the character to a new audience who would hopefully choose to pick up one of her books and discover her amazing world. The show even spawned a spinoff book.

The show was successful, but due to the lower budgets of public broadcasting, it was never meant to run past the initial season. While the episodes were released on videocassette, they have not yet made it onto DVD.