Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rest in Peace, Beth Howland

Beth Howland, best known for her iconic role as the ditzy Vera in Alice passed away at age 84 on December 31, 2015. She did not want her death immediately announced, therefore her husband- Murphy Brown star Charles Kimbrough- honored her wishes and waited until today to notify the media.

Ms. Howland started her career in the 1950's. At first, she found little success, but soon started booking major roles on Broadway. She relocated to Hollywood in the mid sixties, getting numerous guest starring roles on television. 

In 1976 she would get her biggest and best known role- that of ditzy waitress Vera in the classic sitcom Alice. Vera was absentminded and a bit ditzy at times, frustrating her boss Mel, who often called her a "dingy". Deep beneath his gruff exterior, however, he had a soft spot for her and kept her employed despite her shortcomings.

Beth would stick with the show for the entire run before entering semi-retirement, only taking guest starring roles. She is survived by a daughter and her husband Charles Kimbrough.