Friday, January 27, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore's Studio


In 1928, a studio sprang up seemingly in the middle of nowhere in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. Located a short drive away from Carl Laemmle's Universal Studios. The studio would go through several owners until the 1980's when it would be jointly owned by CBS and Fox. Eventually, Fox would sell its half ownership to MTM Productions, which would rename the Lot CBS/MTM Studios. Mary Tyler Moore now owned her own studio.


Since Mary's television productions were primarily on CBS, it was a good match. Even though the property had now been hemmed in by Southern California sprawl, the partners invested money in the studio, building facilities that made the most out of its oddly shaped borders.


There was a New York Street, several sound stages and full production facilities. Eventually, MTM would sell the property to CBS, who now fully owns the property, but the memories and legacy of Mary Tyler Moore's operations will last forever.