Thursday, January 2, 2020

Love in the Afternoon: “One Life to Live”

Here's what you do

When you don't find the rainbow's end

This time

Here's where you go

When it looks like the rain won't end

Don't cry

There's always tomorrow

Where you can have a second chance

And after tomorrow

All that you have to remember

Here's what you do

When you think nobody cares

For you

Look in my eyes

And see there's an answer there

It's true

We'll find tomorrow

A place for us

I know because

Time only knows

How long forever's gonna last

And we don't even need to ask

Let's live today

And find someone to share it with

Cause we only have one life to live

I'll give you tomorrow

Let me the one to share it with

And each day that follows

Cause you only have one life to live!