Friday, September 26, 2014

GLOW: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Imagine you own various enterprises that include a Las Vegas casino and a cosmetics company. How could you promote them both at the same time? If you're Meshulam Riklis, you start up a league of eccentric women wrestlers. Originally conceived as an infomercial for the Riviera Casino and Faberge Hair Care products, G.L.O.W - the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling- hit late night airwaves, often airing after Saturday Night Live. Many people, most of them nursing the beginnings of hangovers, happened upon the show with its garish costumes, lively skits and crazy story lines. The show soon took on a life of its own.

Despite beginning life as a loss leading advertisement, GLOW soon became a hit on its own. "Mount Fuji", "Ninotchka" and "California Doll" became recognizable and would get mobbed at personal appearances. Mr. Riklis soon found these gorgeous ladies were huge money makers. It looked like these ladies would be wrestling for years to come, but their biggest foe was actually Mr. Riklis' wife, Pia Zadora. Ms. Zadora was threatened by these gorgeous wrestlers and gave her husband an ultimatum; them or me. Mr. Riklis cancelled the show during their offseason, which meant that the cast was sadly unable to say goodbye.