Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mrs. Olson for Folgers Coffee

Persons of a certain age might remember an era before every town had four Starbucks that many people brewed their own coffee at home. And chances are the coffee they brewed was Folgers Coffee, which was endorsed by the matronly "Mrs. Olson".

Played by the veteran actress Virginia Christine, Mrs. Olson never turned down an opportunity to recommend Folgers Coffee to anyone. From 1965 until 1986, she appeared in over 100 commercials, becoming a pop culture icon. In fact, she was so well known that her home town still honors her to this day with a water tower painted to look like a teakettle. (Either that or there really isn't much going on in Stanton, Iowa.)

Virginia Christine passed away in 1996, having been retired from show business for many years.