Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Good Times" Trading Cards

When one thinks about trading cards, one typically pictures items that children collect and enjoy. But many television shows in the 1970's and 1980's issued trading cards regardless of their appeal to children. Like the sitcom that inspired the name of this website- Good Times.

Kids might have found J.J to be funny, but the rest of the show was decidedly depressing. Despite the show's title, there was little that was good about the lives of the Evans family. This quote from a Saturday Night Live parody of the show sums it up quite well:

"Well, we actually didn't have school today. See, they ran out of books and my teacher got stabbed."

But someone with a passing interest in the show might not realize its depressing tone. These cards were for them.

Most of the cards featured J.J. and his one-liners.

Playboy of the projects? You're the man, J.J!

Scared of a letter from his principal? Hilarious! J.J what will you say next?

Um, that got dark fast. Pretty sure they wouldn't allow that card nowadays...

Okay, that's just- wrong? (We admit it- that one is fake.) Certainly the trading card companies learned to only choose appropriate subjects from now on, right?