Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rest in Peace, Alex Rocco

Veteran character actor Alex Rocco has passed away at age 79. Mr. Rocco played a variety of roles in both film and television and is probably best known for his role in arguably the greatest film of all time- The Godfather. Mr. Rocco played the casino boss Moe Greene who eventually gets taken out by a bullet that gets shot through his glasses.

It was on television, however, where Mr. Rocco found the bulk of his work. Cast as characters who were typically fast talking and possibly con artists, Alex found consistent work throughout the 1970's on virtually every cop show on the air, including Barnaby Jones, Baretta, Rockford Files and many others. No matter the role, he always stuck out, becoming a 'that guy' who people enjoyed watching even if they couldn't remember his name.

His prolific catalog of work continued through the 1980's. On the Facts of Life, he played Jo's father, who often caused problems for her as she tried to distance herself from her rough and tumble past.

Currently, Alex Rocco provided the voice of Roger Myers, Jr. Heir to the Itchy and Scratchy empire on The Simpsons. His father created the violent cat and mouse team and left the business to his son, who manages both the business and creative sides of the company. A caricature of self involved producers, the character was excellently performed by Mr. Rocco.

Thank you, Mr. Rocco, for providing the world with hours of entertainment. Certainly future generations will be enjoying your work for years to come.