Monday, July 20, 2015

Fake Vintage TV Facts

Fake Vintage TV Facts

Little known fact: Sarah Jessica Parker’s father is Hollywood legend Mr. Ed.

Ricky Ricardo’s original job of drug kingpin was changed to bandleader after objections from the network.

“Bea Arthur” is actually Jack Klugman in drag.

Jack Albertson did not realize his performance in Chico and the Man was being recorded.

Charlotte Rae left The Facts of Life when producers rejected her idea to have Mrs. Garrett hold a key party.

To this day, Maya Angelou is still upset about losing the role of “Aunt Esther” in Sanford & Son to LaWanda Page.

Hugh Beaumont misunderstood his agent when asked if he wanted to be in Leave it to Beaver with Barbara Billingsley.

False rumors of Robert Reed’s sexuality were spread to prevent fans from finding out about his affair with Ann B. Davis

Robert Reed and Ann B. Davis’ love child was introduced onto The Brady Bunch as “Cousin Oliver”.

William Shatner was reunited with a Star Trek castmate years later when he chose one of the tribbles to be his new toupee.

Due to special effects constraints, every murder victim from the first season of Perry Mason had to actually be killed.

The first season of Sex and the City was actually thrown together with unused scripts from the TV classic Mr. Ed.

The Love Boat spinoff Divorce Barge was unsuccessful and mostly forgotten

FCC regulations required that Charo be given a guest starring role in every TV show produced in the 1970′s.

In the original Petticoat Junction pilot, the Shady Rest hotel was a bordello and Kate’s “daughters” were her “girls”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s first television role was on Little House on the Prairie, playing a horse.