Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Amazing Saturday Preview!!

Every network used to showcase its new Saturday morning cartoon lineup each year with a cheesy special, typically aired the Friday before the new lineup premiered. The network's live action stars typically "hosted" the shows, which hyped the new lineup of cartoons. NBC's specials often parodied hit films from that summer, like this special from 1985:

NBC was apparently so happy with the Back to the Future parody, that it commissioned a similar parody in 1986, only this time, they chose Back to School. As anyone who has seen the Rodney Dangerfield film that inspired this knows, NBC couldn't have chosen a more inappropriate film to highlight its children's programming.

They misspelled Marc Price's name as well- poor Skippy

ABC, meanwhile, produced the most 1980's special ever. This "Pac Preview Party" highlights a time when the cartoons didn't even have to pretend to be educational or even worthwhile.

ABC topped itself, however with this special. Not only was it the most 1990's special ever made, it also featured the most inappropriate host for a children's special- Roseanne Barr.