Friday, March 27, 2015

Bizarre TV Tie-Ins: Archie Bunker's Grandson

When it comes to bizarre toys based on TV Shows, this one takes the cake. Introducing the craziest doll ever made- Archie Bunker's Grandson

Produced by Ideal Toys, which was a division of CBS at the time, this doll was controversial, but not for the reason you probably expect. People weren't upset that a doll based on an adult program featuring a racist old coot was being marketed to children; they were mad that this boy doll was anatomically correct. Ignoring that controversy for a minute, one wonders why anyone thought this toy would be a big seller. Imagine this box on a shelf at the local Woolco. What child would reach for the box featuring a leering old man on it? Based on the top picture on the side of the box, we can assume that this doll was indeed meant for children. Perhaps they figured lazy grandfathers, desperate to get something for the grandkids at the last minute, would pluck this doll off the shelf.

Whatever the thought process was, it was horribly wrong. This toy was not a huge success when originally released, but it is now highly sought after by toy collectors.