Monday, March 9, 2015

Rest in Peace, Sam Simon

Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons has passed away of cancer at the age of 59.

While Matt Groening gets lots of credit for coming up with the idea for The Simpsons while waiting to speak with Fox executives, it was Sam Simon who took the idea of a dysfunctional family and built an entire world around it. Before Sam, there was just a family. After Sam there was an entire universe. His contributions to the show were immeasurable; it is safe to say the show would not have been the phenomenon it is today without Mr. Simon.

I still recall the first time I watched the show when it premiered in December of 1989. The show felt fresh and different. Over the years, it became a must watch show with an amazing cast of supporting characters who quickly became just like family. Mr. Simon's creations have given me so many laughs and fun over the years that even though I never met him, it's like losing a cool friend who never failed to make me laugh.

Mr. Simon hadn't actively worked on the show in recent years, but his guiding force can still be felt on the show. Thank you, Sam for sharing your sense of humor and creative genius with the world. You were a perfectly cromulent person who will definitely be missed by the millions of fans your creation still entertains 25 years later.