Friday, March 6, 2015

Next Stop Nowhere

What happens when out of touch Hollywood writers decide to write a show about those wild young people who like that punk music that's so popular these days? You get the unintentionally hilarious Quincy, ME episode Next Stop, Nowhere.

Written by people who probably read a photocopied urban legend about the 'acid' being used by 'today's youth', the show's tone deaf, out of touch dialogue has to be seen to be believed.

While the episode probably caused many a parent to lecture their kids about 'the punk music', it was embraced by the punk kids as a goofy lesson in how out of touch the older generation could be.

Years later, Jack Klugman merely shrugged it off. Apparently one of the writers was certain that the punk music was corrupting the children and convinced him that the show could possibly help save lives. If laughter is the best medicine, it probably did.