Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Clerks: The TV Show"

What would a Clerks TV Show look like if it were produced without any input from Kevin Smith? Imagine no longer! In 1995, Miramax Films decided to enter the television business by turning one of its quirky hits Clerks into a television show.

Miramax doubtless figured that the gen-xers who found Clerks enjoyable would flock to a show with the same name. Of course, other than the character names and the title of the show, there was little in common with the movie. The pilot was a mess, though it did feature future stars Keri Russell and Jim Breuer.

Amazingly, the actors who played Dante and Randal in the film were rejected for the television show and a script submitted by Kevin Smith was also refused. Luckily for all involved, the pilot went nowhere.