Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten Things NBC's "Today Show" Can Do To Stop its Ratings Slide

10. “Accidentally” let ladies have “wardrobe malfunctions” in front of the glass studio.

9. Let Ann Curry return to beat the crap out of Matt Lauer.

8. Get ABC or CBS to pick up the show.

7. Get Dolly Parton to “accidentally” show her whoppers on live TV.

6. Have corporate parent Comcast “accidentally” shut off all other channels except NBC.

5. Get Dick Wolf to produce “Law & Order: Today”

4. Call in Jane Pauley…….. Maybe she’ll have some ideas about what to do.

3. Begin the thawing of J. Fred Muggs.

2. Host a singing competition! That’s what the young people want to see!

1. Change everything… Except for Matt Lauer. He has naked pics of the Comcast CEO.