Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Malcolm and the Coincidences

The sitcom Malcolm in the Middle was a big hit for the Fox network in the early 2000's. While many sitcoms featured a relatively sane family whose peace was often interrupted by their wacky neighbors, the family in Malcolm in the Middle was the wacky family. When the family's annual vacation is abruptly canceled, they discover that others in the neighborhood threw an annual block party purposely scheduled for a time when it was believed they'd be out of town.

After the show concluded, actress Jane Kaczmarek was given her character's wardrobe as a gift from the network. She was wearing one of the outfits one day when she happened to catch a rerun of the show. She was wearing the same outfit that her character was wearing on the rerun.

Actor Aaron Paul had auditioned for the role of Francis, Malcolm's oldest brother. He desperately wanted the role so that he could work with Bryan Cranston, but it was not to be- yet. He would later co-star with Mr. Cranston in Breaking Bad.