Monday, July 18, 2016

The Nashville Network

In the early 1980's, a gold rush was in effect on cable TV. Companies were claiming their piece of the cable dial, becoming the kids network, the music network, etc. one early contender was The Nashville Network, which aimed to be more than just a country MTV. Years before MTV diversified its programming, The Nashville Network was airing talk shows, sitcoms and other non-video programming. Operating out of Nashville, the channel sought to promote its Nashville based properties- the Grand Old Opry, the Opryland theme park and its other Nashville properties.


By the late 1990's, the cable channel had been sold and its new owners felt that its audience was too old. They decided to embrace younger country acts and make a run as a younger hipper network- TNN.


The newly rebooted channel bombed and it became The National Network, a general programming channel. Seen as being too generic, it eventually became Spike TV, a channel geared towards young men.