Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FIRED! John Amos

When Norman Lear first approached John Amos and Esther Rolle to play the leads in a comedy about the projects, they were ecstatic. Mr. Lear was considered to be a Titan of television whose productions often shone a serious light on important issues. Truly, this opportunity would produce Good Times for all involved.


Their joy quickly turned sour. Audiences seemed to embrace the buffoonish JJ who was played by Jimmy Walker. Rather than concentrate on the serious topics that Mr. Amos and Ms. Rolle were originally promised, the show became The JJ Dyn-o-mite Show! Amos and Rolle expressed their anger to CBS, sitting things out and halting production on the show. The network decided to offer the duo raises to get them to return. They both agreed, though the network had a change of heart when it came to John Amos. With at least one parental unit locked down to return, they decided to make an example of Mr. Amos. He was fired from the show and his character killed off. Good Times indeed.