Thursday, August 18, 2016

FIRED! Shannon Doherty

Shannon Doherty holds a special spot on our dishonor roll- she was actually fired twice from two high priority roles.


Her first lost role was on Beverly Hills 90210. Other than Married... With Children and The Simpsons, 90210 was one of Fox's biggest hits. The cast enjoyed huge salaries and even had a toy line. Rather than enjoy her newfound success, Ms. Doherty soon became a pain to work with, reporting to set late and making ridiculous demands. When she insisted on a car to drive her across the street during a shoot the network had enough. Ms. Doherty was fired, her character going to study overseas and never returning. Unwilling to accept any blame for her situation, Shannon claimed, of all things, that Fox fired her because of her conservative views. 

By 1998, Shannon had somewhat repaired her bad reputation. The WB Network would come calling, casting her in the drama Charmed. This time, Shannon promised she would behave, but it didn't last. She soon ran afoul of her co-stars and the network. Rather than let things get too bad, The WB chose to nip the problem in the bud. Shannon was quickly fired- again.