Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rest in Peace, Steven Hill

Steven Hill, who spent ten years as the District Attorney on Law & Order has passed away at age 94.

Mr. Hill began his career on Broadway alongside Marlon Brando. Many of their contemporaries considered Steven to be the better actor. Steven, however, took time off to serve in the armed forces. Even when he was acting, he chose roles that had a societal component to them, which often weren't considered commercial enough.

Despite his talent, Steven seemed to toil away in smaller roles, gaining a following on Broadway, but not in Hollywood. Despite having worked for decades, Mr. Hill would only find a larger audience in 1990 when he began a decade long run as Law & Order's District Attorney Adam Schiff, who navigated the political landscape of New York City to ensure that justice was done. He retired in 2000, outliving his successor who passed away last year.