Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Would the Real Danny Tanner Please Stand Up?

The producers of Full House knew they'd found the perfect Danny Tanner after they auditioned Bob Saget for the role. Too bad he was under contract to CBS. Bob couldn't get out of his CBS Morning Show contract, so Full House went with Plan B- John Posey.

John Posey filmed the pilot and no doubt began counting the millions he'd soon be making from his starring role on this saccharine family sitcom.

But fate is a strange thing. CBS decided to shake things up and Bob Saget was fired. Now able to do whatever he wanted, Bob called up ABC to see if the role of Danny Tanner was still available. It wasn't, of course, but since ABC hadn't officially signed any of the talent to their final contracts, they made room for Bob Saget by showing John Posey the door.