Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ella Joyce on Newsradio

Television shows go through huge changes on their road to production. Most of the time, however, the show is mostly set in stone before the pilot airs. In the case of Newsradio it was decided that the eccentric Bill McNeil needed a foil in the broadcast booth, someone who was not only in competition with him, but could also put him in his place. That job fell to Catherine Duke, who would be played by Ella Joyce of Roc fame.

The change was made so suddenly that Catherine didn't have any lines in the pilot. She is just seen through the glass, possibly reporting on the news. When the show was officially picked up, the producers decided that Ella Joyce wasn't the right choice for Catherine and recast her with Khandi Alexander. Since the character is never referenced in the pilot and had no speaking lines, the episode was never reshot and Ella remains in it to this day.

Khandi and the guys.