Friday, August 28, 2015

Game Show Files: Brett Somers

In the 1970's, a popular type of game show was the panel show. Theoretically featuring celebrity panelists, the celebrities on these types of shows were often enlisted to help the non-celebrity contestants win money and prizes. The celebrities on these shows were often on their way up, on their way down or famous for being on these types of shows. One of the best known panel game shows was Match Game and one of the best known famous for being on the Match Game celebrities was Brett Somers.

Ms. Somers did have outside credits to her name and was known as a funny comedienne, but her primary claim to fame was Match Game, where smoking and drinking were apparently encouraged. While Brett was often lousy at coming up with answers that matched those of the contestants, she was hilariously funny on the show, often stretching the patience of the network censors with her double entendres.