Thursday, August 6, 2015

Match Game Fame

Many celebrities participate in game shows to make some quick money while they're waiting for their careers to take off. Brian Billick, then a failed NFL player, tried to play Match Game but he was very bad at it. So bad, in fact, that the prickly Richard Dawson mocked him on the air. Mr. Billick was able to get the last laugh when he coached the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl and won in 2001.

How's that tea taste now, Newkirk? Bitter?

Famed trashy talk show host Jenny Jones also tried her luck on the show, walking away with a tidy sum.

Dumb Dora was so dumb, she permed her hair and looked like a <blank>.

Years before losing her mind, Kirstie Alley also made a run for the big bucks. She didn't win, but then again didn't fail miserably like Mr. Billick.

Sorry, Kirstie, Xenu is not a match. He'll never be a match.