Friday, September 25, 2015

Are You Being Served? Week- BBC Unfair To Salespersons

Are You Being Served? spawned a spinoff movie, an Australian spinoff and an American pilot. Yet the BBC never seemed to fully embrace the show. Every year, renewals seemingly came at the last minute and the main cast would scramble to make time for filming. Eventually, the network would become stricter about scheduling, which resulted in the departure of Trevor Bannister.

Despite the treatment, the cast returned, primarily because of the fans. The cast loved meeting their fans around the world and their fans loved them. Mollie Sugden was living out her childhood dream of making people laugh and promised to always don Mrs. Slocombe's wig as long as she was able to do so and whenever she was asked. The rest of the cast felt similarly.

In retrospect, the BBC probably would have treated the show better had they known it would become a worldwide classic. The show's secret was that its cast was willing to do anything to get a laugh and that made for a show that was universally hilarious.

"Another lady on the phone for Captain Peacock!"

"He's all lip and let's have a look at your knockers!"

"I live in a semi-detached house!"

"Happy birthday to YOU! Happy birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday, dear er-er-er!"

"You know, this sort of thing isn't fair on my pussy. She has a go at the furniture if I'm not there prompt."

"I'm Free!"