Friday, September 18, 2015

The Garner Files

James Garner was a true badass. Even more so than the characters he played on television. As Jim Rockford, he was the toughest detective of them all, tracking down every suspect and solving every case. Even if he had to take a few punches doing it.

Arguably playing one of the greatest detectives in television history, Mr. Garner was fiercely protective of his show. When he discovered that famed television producer Glen A. Larson was apparently stealing plots from Rockford Files, he flew into a rage, filing a grievance with the Writer's Guild. They provided little assistance, merely censuring Mr. Larson.

James accepted things as they were up until Mr. Larson introduced a new show- Switch, starring Eddie Albert and Robert Wagner. Not only did Mr. Larson still keep stealing plots, this time he commissioned a theme song that sounded suspiciously like the classic Rockford Files theme song. It was too much for James Garner. He confronted Mr. Larson in the Universal Studios parking lot and- badass that he was- decked him. Mr. Larson finally learned his lesson.