Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bizarre Concepts: "The Charmings"

What if Snow White's evil stepmother made a mistake and gave her and her family too strong of a sleeping potion? And what if she put herself to sleep so that she would wake up at the same time they did to torment them? And what if they woke up in the 1980's? Far-fetched and strange? It didn't seem like it to ABC, who greenlit the show in 1987.

The Charmings debuted on ABC, featuring the titular family trying to make a go of it in 1980's America. The family tried to hide their secret while figuring out what all the newfangled devices and strange customs of modern day society were all about.

Amazingly, the show was renewed after its first season. Caitlin O'Heaney, who played Snow White during the first season was inexplicably replaced after the first season.

Ms. O'Heaney's replacement was Carol Huston:

While the first season concentrated on the family trying to get its bearings, the second season began to show them getting accustomed to the modern world. Unfortunately, ABC lost its patience with the show's lack of ratings success and this bizarre show became but a footnote in the history of bizarre TV.