Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NOT Left Hanging: Sledgehammer!

Sledgehammer! was a bizarre show ahead of its time. One part Naked Gun, one part wacky procedural, it was a show that forced one to pay attention. As a result, regular viewers were few and its future was uncertain. Producers chose to go out with a bang- a big one!

In what they believed to be the show's final episode, the detectives uncover a scheme to detonate a nuclear bomb in the middle of the city. Would Sledge disarm the bomb just in time?!?

Nope. Despite his best efforts, the bomb goes off, destroying the city. Despite the suggestion on the closing title card, the producers fully expected the show to get canceled.

But strangely enough, ABC chose to renew the show. How would they write themselves out of this corner? Make it all a dream? Maybe say that the bomb didn't explode? Ignore it? Instead, they just chose to go back five years in the past-

Since we are told in the pilot that Dori Doreau and Sledge were not previously partners, this twist makes little sense. That was just what the producers intended- a ridiculous way to get out of a ridiculous situation. Sadly, the show would get canceled for real after season two.