Monday, May 11, 2015

Left Hanging: "Twin Peaks"

Twin Peaks began life as a phenomenon. David Lynch had created a complex world of murder and intrigue. Unfortunately, people began criticizing the show for being too slow at revealing its secrets. The network then forced Mr. Lynch to reveal more of the show's secrets sooner than expected, which damaged his story lines. Of course, people then complained about the rushed nature of the reveals.

By the end of the show's second season, David Lynch had been burned by trying to give the network what it said it wanted. ABC had relegated the show to a time slot against both The Cosby Show and The Simpsons. Mr. Lynch chose to go out with a bang in an effort to goad ABC into renewing his show. The final scene showed FBI Agent Dale Cooper being taken over by the demonic "Bob", setting up an obvious battle between good and evil if a third season was granted. Could ABC refuse such a delightful possibility?

Obviously it could. It canceled the show, which became a bigger cult hit in death. New Line Cinema decided to give Mr. Lynch a chance to give his fans what they wanted- an opportunity to make a film that took place in the Twin Peaks world. He chose to make a prequel- Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The prequel answered no questions and resolved none of the cliffhangers from the show's finale. It seemed like we would never know what happened to the denizens of Twin Peaks...

Until recently! Showtime has announced plans to bring the show back for a limited run. What will we learn about the town twenty years later? What happened to Agent Cooper? Hopes are high that the show will happen and Twin Peaks fans will no longer be left hanging.