Monday, November 2, 2015

Hallmark Christmas Films: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas"

The Hallmark Channel is the king of Christmas programming. From early November until the end of December, the network bombards viewers with a never ending slate of formulaic films starring actors and actresses whose careers have seen better days. These films all have similar plots in which career minded adults must be reminded about family and Christmas, a divorcee returns home to his or her hometown and finds love, etc. etc.

Despite having similar storylines, the movies must fill some sort of void; quite possibly they provide something to watch that is sure to not embarrass anyone who might drop by- background television for wrapping gifts or finding something for grandma to watch so she stops asking why one hasn't gotten married and settled down yet. Yet again, we'll look at a few of these movies on Mondays over the next two months, trying to guess their plot lines from their awkward publicity shots.

This week's film- Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas. 

See this top notch staff? They make sure that your presents arrive under the tree for Christmas. Unfortunately, the boss has to put his foot down to make sure things happen on time and his tight ship doesn't make much free time for actually celebrating the holiday. But his staff isn't willing to let him forget the reason for the season! That blonde on the left will do her best to make sure he doesn't forget the Christmas spirit around the office, while the awkward free spirits on the right learn to put aside their differences and bring a Christmas romance to the office. This year, they won't just be delivering presents- they may just be delivering romance as well!