Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Are You Being Served- AGAIN?!?

The BBC has announced that it is rebooting several of its classic comedies, including Are You Being Served? Most of the major cast has been set, but how do they match up with the originals?

Mr. Grainger

Captain Peacock

Mrs. Slocombe

Mr. Humphries

Miss Brahms

Mr. Harman

Mr. Lucas and Young Mr. Grace will be represented by two new characters- Mr. Coleman will be the junior and Young Mr. Grace will be represented by his grandson.

Young Mr. Grace and Grandson

The Old Junior and the New Junior Salesperson

The new show will supposedly take place in 1988. Young Mr. Grace's grandson takes over the store and wants to modernize things, bringing the store into the 1980's. Will he succeed? The BBC plans to film one episode with the new cast and pick up the show if it succeeds.