Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oscar Week: Rob Lowe and the Tackiest Oscars Ever!

It was the tackiest Oscar show ever. Produced by schlockmeister Alan Carr who showed a propensity for tackiness by producing Can't Stop the Music, the show set the bar low with its opening number, a lavish musical set featuring a bizarre faux Snow White who wore red ruby slippers for some reason and cavorted with a tone deaf Rob Lowe.

Why anyone thought this tacky presentation was a good idea is anyone's guess. They even sing a bizarre version of Proud Mary, except with all new lyrics:

Now you made it big in the movies

Came to Hollywood, learned to play the game

You became a star, Miss Animated Mama 

Earned yourself a place in the Walk of Fame

Klieg lights keep on burnin'

Cameras keep on turnin', 

Rollin', rollin', Keep the cameras rollin'!

This tacky, tuneless segment raised the ire of Hollywood. The Walt Disney Company, Julie Andrews and many others criticized the entire production. Allan Carr would never be allowed near the Academy Awards telecast again.