Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CBS Television City

CBS Television City is one of the largest television studios in Hollywood. Located next to The Grove, a shopping complex in Southern California, CBS Television City has been hosting shows since 1952.

Designed by William Pereira who also worked on the DISNEYLAND Hotel and the Transamerica Pyramid, the studio has been the home of American Idol, The Carol Burnett Show, Big Brother, All in the Family and so many more shows, too numerous to mention.

While the complex is owned by CBS, it is available for most any production, regardless of which network it appears on. One of Television City's longest running tenants is The Price is Right. Eagle-eyed tourists can often spot the show's larger prizes sitting out in the studio's gated parking lot, waiting to be won on the show's sound stage. Because of its need for live studio audiences, the studio is one of Hollywood's most visited locations outside of Universal Studios despite offering no public tours.