Friday, February 5, 2016

Tonight After the Super Bowl: "Davis Rules"

After the Super Bowl practically became a national holiday, the television networks decided that they could cash in on the huge audience watching the game by premiering new shows afterwards. This was seen as a way to launch a new show in a big way. This practice was even parodied by The Simpsons.

The networks always hoped that the huge audience would like what they saw and turn the show into a hit. It rarely seemed to work, however. Case in point, ABC's 1991 great hope Davis Rules.

Starring a pre-insane Randy Quaid as a school principal with the last name of Davis who ruled over his school (but not his crazy family!) the show quickly lost the interest of its humongous audience and was canceled by ABC after just 13 episodes. CBS pulled it out of ABC's dumpster and the show limped along for another season before being canceled and forgotten- a victim of the Super Bowl curse.