Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Canceled Before They Began- The Men’s Room

In the mid-2000s, NBC was reeling. “Must-See” TV was dead and the network hadn’t been able to produce a breakout his in years. Its leader had smugly declared ABC dead a few years before, yet it now found itself a distant fourth in the ratings after ABC’s hot streak began in 2004. The network quickly greenlit a slate of comedies hoping that one of them would catch on. One such comedy was The Men’s Room, which would star John Cho, Scott Cohen and Kate Walsh.

Unlike other shows that were cancelled before they aired, this show actually filmed six episodes out of twelve before NBC pulled the plug. The entire production was scrapped and none of the produced episodes ever aired on television. Why did NBC cancel the show before it ever aired? Apparently the network didn’t like what it saw and canceled the show before giving its audience a chance to decide.