Monday, June 4, 2018

Only on TV: This is Your Life!

While the characters we see on television appear to be just like us, they often don’t behave like real humans. Television writers often try to skirt the line between believability and exaggeration to create stories that are interesting enough for viewers. This often means that there are things that happen on television that rarely happen in real life.

Do you spend every waking moment with your co-workers? Do all of your major life events center around your workplace? If you keep a balanced work/life balance, the answer to these questions are most likely no. But on television, most people in a workplace regularly find themselves only hanging out exclusively with their fellow employees. Every major life event will take place at work or while socializing with people from work. Relatives and non-work friends are rarely mentioned or consulted about major life decisions.

This strange TV anomaly even occurs with random acquaintances and interest groups. Dealing with getting dumped? Don’t look to relatives or longtime friends for help- become totally dependent on a self help group that, in the real world, would just be people you would see once a week. These relative strangers would become the only people you spend time with or use as confidants even if the thing you need advice on has nothing to do with the group.