Monday, December 1, 2014

Hallmark Christmas: Christmas at Cartwright's

The Hallmark Channel is the king of Christmas programming. From early November until the end of December, the network bombards viewers with a never ending slate of formulaic films starring actors and actresses whose careers have seen better days. These films all have similar plots in which career minded adults must be reminded about family and Christmas, a divorcee returns home to his or her hometown and finds love, etc. etc.

Despite having similar storylines, the movies must fill some sort of void; quite possibly they provide something to watch that is sure to not embarrass anyone who might drop by- background television for wrapping gifts or finding something for grandma to watch so she stops asking why one hasn't gotten married and settled down yet. We'll look at a few of these movies over the next month, trying to guess their plot lines from their awkward publicity shots.

Today's film is Christmas at Cartwright's. Below we see an eager woman holding a Santa Claus costume while a smiling businessman stares at us. We bet she's some kind of free spirit who must teach this stodgy looking executive that Christmas spirit isn't found in a bank vault or sales ledger- it's found in the hearts of everyone! 

Perhaps she wants him to wear this suit to an important party and he seems to be warming to it- but a misunderstanding of some kind makes him choose not to show up, disappointing the kids at first... But this spark plug of a gal is not willing to give up on him just yet- and she tells him off right then and there!

Just when the kids start to give up, the man shows up, having had a change of heart! He not only becomes the best Santa Claus ever, he writes a huge check to a charity! And gives every kid an amazing gift! And proposes marriage to this plucky woman who put him in his place! We fade out to the sounds of a holiday classic sung by Harry Connick Jr., confident that this couple will be forever married and always keep the magic of Christmas in their hearts.