Monday, December 15, 2014

Hallmark Christmas Films: The Nine Lives of Christmas

This week's Hallmark Christmas film marks the rock bottom point for one of its stars. Remember Brandon Routh? Not long ago, he was literally Superman, starring in a $300 Million blockbuster film. Regardless of how one views these derivative Christmas films churned out by a greeting card company, everyone would have to admit that starring in these quick cheapies meant to be viewed by cat ladies unironically wearing tawdry Christmas sweaters is a huge drop from playing Superman. Underneath that smile, Mr. Routh certainly must agree.

So the plot of this one based on just this picture? Okay, it looks like possibly Mr. Routh is playing a Firefighter whose main job is getting cats out of trees. Perhaps he gets too close to a cat under the mistletoe and it gives him a big kiss, which promptly transforms it into the lovely lady shown below. Teaching her about the human world endears her to him, but she has a bad habit of transforming back into a cat at the most inopportune times. On the ninth day of Christmas, however, she quickly turns into a lady forever, sweeping him off of his feet and down the aisle!