Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kate Bradley's Changing Daughters

The show Petticoat Junction never had a stable cast. With the exception of Lisa Henning's character Betty Jo Bradley, the show had multiple actresses playing Bobbi Jo and Billie Jo Bradley. (Ms. Henning's job security was probably a result of her father being one of the show's producers.) However, the very first person cast as Billie Jo never actually made it to air.

The first Billie Jo was the lovely Sharon Tate, shown below in a publicity shot taken before the show premiered. (That's her on the far right, along with, from left to right- Pat Woodell, Bea Benaderet and Linda Henning.) Despite Ms. Tate's beauty, co-producer Martin Ransohoff thought she lacked confidence and recast the role with Jeannine Riley. Ms. Tate later appeared on Beverly Hillbillies, which was Petticoat Junction's parent show.