Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rest in Peace, Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh has passed away at age 51. You may not recognize her name or face, but you've probably heard her voice.

While Ms. Cavanaugh did a ton of guest starring roles throughout the 90's, she is best known for her voice-over work, both in the movies and on television. Her resume is a who's who of 1990's cartoons, including Ahh, Real Monsters!, Dexter's Laboratory and Disney's Darkwing Duck among so many others. Ms. Cavanaugh also voiced Babe the Talking Pig on the big screen.

It was her voice-over work for Rugrats that has endeared her to millions and cemented her legacy. As the voice of scaredy cat Chuckie Finster, Ms. Cavanaugh brought to life a fully dimensional character who leapt out of our televisions and into our hearts. While we may have lost a talented voice, we can rest assured that her work will live on in perpetuity.