Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1980's TV: "She's the Sheriff!"

The 1980's were a simpler time; a time when it was still acceptable to air a show whose premise revolved around the novelty of a woman doing so-called "men's work." One of the more notorious shows that used this premise was the Suzanne Somers sitcom She's the Sheriff!

A more accurate title for this syndicated stinker could have been Get A Load of this Broad Who Thinks She's A Cop! While wearing skimpy clothing and spouting double entendres, Ms. Somers skated through 44 episodes before even the lower tier stations wouldn't carry her show anymore and she was canceled. Compare that to the 96 episodes that the creepy Small Wonder managed to eke out. Maybe the television viewers of the 1980's had some good taste after all.

They never made Columbo wear different outfits when he fought crime...