Friday, January 23, 2015

Twilight Zone Classics: "What You Need"

Originally airing (appropriately) on Christmas Day in 1959, What You Need was about a kindly old peddler who always seems to have "what you need". You may not understand why you need the item at first, but he's always right.

For example, he offers a bus ticket to a washed up baseball player looking for a second chance and a bottle of cleaning solution to a down on her luck dame. As luck would have it, the baseball player gets a call about a minor league opportunity and the bus ticket is just what he needs. His only blazer is soiled however and he's embarrassed about wearing it to his interview. The lovely dame has just the thing he needs to clean it up. They walk off together, presumably to brighter days.

This amazing feat is noticed by a two bit hood who threatens the elderly peddler into helping him out. The partnership is successful until the old man offers the thug a new pair of shoes. He puts them on instantly and quickly slips on the slick street, hitting his head on the hard concrete. As it turns out, the shoes were what the old peddler needed; he realized that the thug planned to murder him and chose to take the criminal out first.