Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Banned From SNL: Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase holds two dubious distinctions- he's the only former SNL cast member who has been banned from appearing on the show and he's also the only person who has been taken off the list. (Only to get back on it again.)

His first banning occurred when he returned as a host in the 1970's and picked fights with the other cast members. He especially singled out Bill Murray for his venom.

When Lorne returned to the show in the 1980's after a five year absence, he took Chevy off of his list and invited him back. Chevy ruined his reprieve by being obnoxious to the new cast members and making vicious, homophobic comments. He was banned yet again.

Amazingly, the ban was lifted yet again in the 1990's. Chevy mostly behaved himself that time, but he has never hosted since then.