Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman on TV!

Today is a special day and we're going to spend it looking at Batman! Batman is undoubtedly the greatest super hero ever. What red blooded boy wouldn't want to be the wealthy Bruce Wayne, playing with amazing toys and fighting crime as the coolest alter-ego ever- Batman? Aside from the dead parents, Bruce has the ideal life!

Though he had previously been seen on the big screen, the mid-1960's seemed tailor made for a Batman revival on TV. After the success of the squarish Superman television show, ABC thought a mod, campy Batman would be a great idea and they brought him to life in vivid technicolor!

While the vibrant colors and campy situations of the 1966 Batman seemed tailor made for a cartoon, the classic Batman: The Animated Series took its cues from the classic Frank Miller era of the comic book. This version also introduced the devilish Harley Quinn to a wider audience, making her a fan favorite villainess who has been given a greater role in recent adaptations like the acclaimed Arkham video game series.

The Batman mythology would again grace prime time in 2014. Choosing to follow Bruce Wayne's path from boyhood to Batman, Gotham brings the excitement of a more serious caped crusader as he makes his way in the dark world of Gotham City.

Why are we still fascinated with Batman after all of these years? Because in the crazy, unpredictable world we live in, it is great to imagine that good can triumph over evil; that a mythical hero is out there watching over his city, righting wrongs and vanquishing evil doers. In a complex world, we need to believe that heroes exist- and Batman is one of the greatest fictional heroes of all time. The world didn't have a Batman so it created one- and he inspires the kid in all of us.