Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bizarre TV Toys: 1990's Edition

Apparently they used to make toys tied to just about everything that kids might watch, including Blossom, um, we mean, "Blossom":

And who wouldn't want to own a doll modeled after the most hated character on the show, played by a despised actress who got fired for being a pain on the set? Besides, she was one of TV's hottest thirty-something teen stars!

Every young girl dreamed of owning a "Screech" doll! It even included a stamper with Dustin's Authentic Autograph! If you find yourself at the Norco Wal-Mart these days, you can get an actual autograph from Dustin! But only if he's on his break from stocking merchandise!

And finally, the most annoying toy ever created. Want to stop getting invited to someone's house? Buy their kids a talking Fran Drescher doll!