Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CBS Studio Center

When most people picture CBS Studios, they mostly picture CBS Television City, which is located near Los Angeles' Grove shopping center. While Television City hosts many of the CBS Network's most famed productions like The Price is Right, it isn't the only facility owned by CBS in the Los Angeles area.

Northwest of Universal Studios Hollywood, tucked into an unimposing part of Studio City is the CBS Studio Center. This mini-studio features a mini-backlot, sizable sound stages and the home of the reality show Big Brother. Purchased by CBS in 1967, the lot's existence predates the sound era; it hosted various silent pictures like the Keystone Cops series. The lot had various owners, though it found itself being used mostly by CBS who chose to buy it outright.

The lot has hosted legendary productions such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Newsradio and many more (mostly) sitcoms. The lot is still one of the most used filming locations in Hollywood.