Friday, March 11, 2016

Law & Order: Ripped From the Headlines! "Sick"

When Law & Order: SVU decided to tackle the Michael Jackson molestation scandal, it did so in an interesting way. The show begins with allegations being brought against Billy Tripley a Peter Pan type who inherited a billion dollar toy empire. Billy stages elaborate parties for disadvantaged children in his multi-million dollar NYC apartment. SVU is brought onto the scene when allegations of abuse are leveled against the eccentric man-child.

Sound familiar? The SVU crew are certain they've got a slam dunk case here when the allegations start piling up. Mr. Tripley gets arrested and must submit to DNA tests and various other indignities. It looks like this creepy pervert will finally get punished for his crimes.

However, he uses his money to buy the silence of his victims and a disreputable grandmother played by Cindy Williams tries to make a claim that he violated her granddaughter. However, the claim is proven to be a lie and even worse; she has been poisoning her granddaughter to gain sympathy and donations. Her lies result in the case getting dropped. Billy Tripley has gotten away with it- for now.